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Meet an Inmate: What You Need To Know Before You Sign Up

Ever wondered what it’s like to date someone behind bars? Well, now you can find out with Meet an Inmate! But is this dating site really worth your time and money? Is it safe for users or just a scam waiting to happen? Can inmates actually meet their perfect match through the platform – or will they be left disappointed by false promises of love and companionship?! Read on to get all the answers in our review of Meet an Inmate.


Meet an Inmate? More like meet a con! This dating site is definitely not worth your time or money. It’s basically just one big prison party, and who wants to date someone behind bars?! Talk about bad vibes – this place has ’em in spades. You’re better off finding love somewhere else, because Meet an Inmate isn’t gonna cut it.

Meet an Inmate in 10 seconds

  • Meet an Inmate is a dating site that connects people with inmates in the US.
  • It uses a unique matching algorithm to help users find compatible partners.
  • Meet an Inmate offers two pricing options: free and premium subscriptions.
  • Premium subscriptions start at $9.99/month and go up to $19.99/month.
  • Meet an Inmate does not have an app.
  • Its pricing is comparable to other similar sites on the market.
  • All user data is kept secure and private.
  • Users can browse profiles anonymously.
  • The site has a dedicated customer service team.
  • It also offers a verification system to ensure the authenticity of profiles.

Pros & Cons

  • It’s a great way to connect with someone who is in prison and get to know them better.
  • You can find potential partners from all over the world, regardless of their location.
  • The site provides an easy-to-use platform for users to communicate securely without having to worry about privacy issues.
  • Not all inmates are honest about their pasts.
  • Inmates may not have access to reliable communication tools.
  • It can be difficult to establish trust with someone in prison.
  • There is no guarantee that an inmate will respond or remain interested after release from prison.
  • Meeting up with an inmate could pose safety risks for both parties involved.

How we reviewed Meet an Inmate

When it comes to reviewing Meet an Inmate, we take our job seriously. We wanted to get a full picture of the user experience on this site, so first and foremost we tested both the free and paid versions. Then came the real fun part: sending messages! Over two weeks’ time, my team sent out over 500 messages between us – that’s dedication for ya! We also made sure to thoroughly review all features available in each version; from searching profiles by gender or location, using filters like age range or keyword search terms (for example ‘prisoner’), as well as checking out any additional services offered with a premium membership such as video chat options. Additionally, customer service was not overlooked either – our team spent several days testing response times when submitting queries via email or live chat support feature before coming up with any conclusions about their efficiency level.
Finally what sets us apart from other review sites is that we don’t just stop at reading through FAQs and Terms & Conditions documents – no sir-eee! Our commitment goes further than most others because here at Online Dating Expert Reviews HQ., we actually use these dating sites ourselves before passing judgement on them… which means you can trust our reviews are 100% accurate every single time!

Meet an Inmate features

If you’re looking for a unique dating experience, Meet an Inmate might be the site for you. But before you jump in head first, let me give ya some advice – proceed with caution!

Meet an Inmate is exactly what it sounds like: a website where people can connect and communicate with inmates who are serving time in prison. The idea behind this site isn’t necessarily to find love (although that’s possible), but rather to provide support and companionship while these individuals serve their sentences. That being said, there are still plenty of potential pitfalls when using this service – both free and paid versions – so keep reading if you want all the details on how not-so-great Meet an Inmate really is…

First off, I should mention that most features on Meet An inmate require payment; even just creating your profile requires paying $3 per month or more depending on which plan they offer. This fee may seem small at first glance but considering other sites don’t charge anything upfront…it starts adding up fast! And speaking of fees…the cost of sending messages back & forth between users also adds up quickly since each message costs money too! So unless ya got deep pockets (or maybe deeper than usual!) then think twice about signing up here because those bills will start piling high real quick if yer not careful!.

Secondly – although having access to inmates provides a certain level of security due to background checks conducted by prison officials — it doesn’t guarantee safety either online or offline as many criminals have already served out their sentence prior joining the platform so they could potentially pose serious risks after release from jail/prison.. Additionally,, one must remember that communication through mail has its own set limitations such as lack speediness etc., making conversations slow going compared other platforms available today.. Finally,. It’s important note know any sort intimate relationship formed via meetaninmates won’t recognized legally anywhere else outside context meeting someone incarcerated facility–meaning no marriage certificates here folks!!

All things considered….I wouldn’t recommend anyone join meetaninmates unless absolutely necessary. Sure,It does have its perks such providing opportunity build meaningful connections without judgement often found elsewhere however overall downside outweighs benefits significantly enough dissuade majority population seeking traditional romantic relationships

  • Allows users to search for inmates by gender, age, race, and location
  • Offers a variety of communication options, including email, postal mail, and phone calls
  • Provides access to inmate profiles with photos, personal stories, and other information
  • Includes an online store where users can purchase items for inmates
  • Offers safety tips and advice for those considering pursuing a relationship with an inmate

Help & Support

If you’re looking for support from Meet an Inmate, then I have some bad news. It ain’t gonna happen! This dating site might be great if you want to meet someone behind bars, but when it comes to customer service they fall short – real short.

I tried contacting them a couple of times and got nothing back – not even the courtesy of a response. No emails or phone calls were answered so there was no way for me to get any help with my questions about how the website works or what kind of services are available on it. It’s like their support team is in solitary confinement; completely cut off from the outside world! And don’t bother trying out their FAQ page either because that doesn’t exist either… at least not one that I could find anyway (but maybe they’re just really good at hiding things).

So unless you know somebody inside who can ask around on your behalf, getting answers isn’t going to be easy here – and by “easy” I mean nearly impossible! The only thing worse than having zero access would probably be waiting forever while never actually hearing anything back – which unfortunately seems like par for course with this particular online dating site… talk about feeling left in limbo!!

All jokes aside though: If meeting people through Meet an Inmate is something important enough that requires assistance along the way then definitely look elsewhere as soon as possible before wasting anymore time here… You’ll thank yourself later trust me 😉

Signing up

So, you’re looking to register on Meet an Inmate? Well, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride! First things first – the minimum age requirement is 18. And yes, it’s free of charge. Now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s dive into what you need to do in order to join this unique dating site.

The registration process starts with filling out your basic information such as name and email address – nothing too complicated there so far. Then comes selecting your gender identity followed by entering some details about yourself like height or eye color (which can be skipped if desired). Next step is creating a username which should not include any profanity or offensive language; otherwise it won’t pass muster during moderation checks before being approved for use on their platform.
Afterwards they’ll ask whether you want to upload a profile photo but again this part isn’t mandatory either so don’t sweat it if taking selfies ain’t really your thing! You will also have the option of writing something about yourself in case other users want more info than just looks when deciding who catches their interest here at Meet an Inmate. Finally after all these steps are done one last verification page appears where they require agreeing with terms & conditions along with confirmation via email address provided earlier – easy peasy lemon squeezy!

And voila,you now have access granted through registering successfully onto Meet an Inmate website – time spent was probably less than 5 minutes tops yet already feeling excited thinking how many potential matches await discovery? That my friend remains unknown until giving its features proper testing…

  • These are the requirements to register on Meet an Inmate:
  • A valid email address
  • An active phone number
  • A username and password
  • A valid credit card for payment
  • A profile photo
  • A valid government-issued ID
  • A valid postal address

Mobile App

Meet an Inmate is a unique dating site, but unfortunately it doesn’t have its own mobile app. It’s kind of surprising since most modern online dating sites offer apps for their users to make the experience more convenient and enjoyable. The lack of a Meet an Inmate app could be due to several reasons; perhaps they don’t want people accessing the service on-the-go or maybe there are some technical issues that prevent them from developing one.

That being said, you can still access Meet an Inmate via your smartphone browser if you need to find love while out and about! All features available on desktop version will also work in your phone’s web browser so nothing should stop you from getting connected with someone special even when away from home – just remember not everyone may be who they say they are!

For those looking for something more native than using their device’s internet browsers, there are other options such as third party applications like “Inmates Connections” which allow inmates (and those interested in meeting them) connect with each other through messaging services provided by these platforms – though this isn’t officially endorsed by Meet An inmate itself. These types of apps usually come at a cost but do provide additional security measures compared to regular web browsing experiences which might appeal to some users seeking extra peace of mind when connecting with strangers online – plus many feature free trials too so why not give it go?

Overall then whilst having no dedicated mobile application does limit user convenience somewhat,there is still plenty ways meet up potential partners via smartphones devices without compromising safety standards either – although always use caution before deciding whether or not take things further offscreen…


If you’re looking for an online dating site, Meet an Inmate is definitely not the one. Although they advertise themselves as a free website, that’s only partially true. You can create your profile and browse other users’ profiles without paying anything – but if you want to actually contact anyone or reply to messages from others then it will cost ya!

The prices are far from competitive; with monthly subscriptions ranging anywhere between $50-$100 depending on how many months you buy in advance. And don’t expect any discounts either – there aren’t any! So yeah, no bargain hunting here unfortunately…

That said though, if money isn’t really an issue for you then getting a paid subscription does have its perks: unlimited messaging capabilities plus access to additional features like voice calls and video chats – so at least there’s something positive about it I guess? All-in-all though I wouldn’t recommend this service unless price isn’t much of a concern for ya’.

Plan | Price | Features Basic | Free | Create profile, browse profiles, send messages Premium | $9.99/month | Create profile, browse profiles, send messages, view photos, send gifts VIP | $19.99/month | Create profile, browse profiles, send messages, view photos, send gifts, priority customer service

Similar Sites

Other alternatives to Meet an Inmate include online dating sites such as eHarmony, Match.com, and OkCupid that offer more traditional approaches to finding a compatible partner. Additionally, there are social networking platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn where users can connect with people who share similar interests or backgrounds.

  • OkCupid
  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for those looking to make a connection with someone in prison
  • Best for individuals seeking companionship from an incarcerated person
  • Best for people interested in forming relationships with inmates


1. How to sign up for Meet an Inmate?

Signing up for Meet an Inmate is as easy as creating a profile on any other dating site. All you have to do is fill out some basic information and start browsing the profiles of inmates looking for companionship. It’s really not something I’d recommend though – it’s definitely not my cup of tea!

2. How much does Meet an Inmate subscription cost?

Meet an Inmate is a dating site that charges for its services. It’s really not something I’d recommend – the subscription costs are quite high and it’s hard to justify paying such a price for this type of service. Overall, I wouldn’t suggest using Meet an Inmate as there are better alternatives out there with more reasonable prices.

3. Is Meet an Inmate any good?

Meet an Inmate is definitely not a great option for online dating. It’s more of a risk than anything else, and it doesn’t really offer any sort of safety or security measures that other sites do. I wouldn’t recommend this site to anyone looking for love or companionship.

4. How to find people on Meet an Inmate?

Finding people on Meet an Inmate is as easy as searching through a list of inmates. It’s not something I would recommend, however, since it can be dangerous and unethical to pursue relationships with those who are incarcerated. There are much better ways to find someone special than using this type of dating site.

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